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StickiN' with my Uke



The best way to hold on to your uke and keep it from slipping down.

The Product 

Learning chords and strumming on your ukulele can bring great joy, but also some technical challenges. Not the least of these is how to best hold your ukulele on your chest and keep it from slipping down. 

Stickin' with my uke is a simple tacky pad that is easy to put on and holds your uke in place. It is not stuck on you, but has just enough friction to keep it from sliding.

Stickin' with my uke - blue

Stickin' with my uke - black

How to use "Stickin' with my Uke"

Peel the plastic off of "Stickin' with my uke" .

Peel the plastic off

Place the pad on the back of your uke.

Affix pad to back

When you are done playing, put the plastic sheet over the pad. This will keep your pad clean.

Protect your pad when you are done

Washing the stickie

Keeping It Sticky


After playing your ukulele for a bit, clothing fibres and dust will build up on the pad.

To clean it, simply rinse it with water and air dry to regain tackiness.

When dry, store with the plastic sheet.





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* Discounts available for teachers and schools - please contact Mary McNally at the email below with details of request.

** if you are shipping to Canada, please use the discount code 'CDN' when checking out for a 15% discount.


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Start playing your uke!


Jeff Bird playing ukelele

Jeff Bird  stickin' with  his uke!


"Stickin' with my Uke" is a business based in Guelph, Ontario dedicated to helping ukulele players 'stick with their uke' for easy playing.  Founder Mary McNally is a ukulele player who initially struggled for a way to hold the darn thing, and was so happy she found a better way.


Mary McNally


Phone: 519-993-6990




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