How to use "Stickin' with my Uke"

Peel the plastic off

Peel the plastic off of "Stickin' with my uke". Save this for future storage!

Affix pad to back

Place the pad on the back of your uke.

Protect your pad when you are done

When you are done playing, put the plastic sheet over the pad. This will keep your pad clean.

Washing the stickie

Keeping It Sticky


After playing your ukulele for a bit, clothing fibres and dust will build up on the pad.

To clean it, remove from your uke SLOWLY, and simply rinse it with water and air dry to regain tackiness.

When dry, store with the plastic sheet.





Start playing your uke!


Jeff Bird playing ukelele

Jeff Bird  stickin' with  his uke!